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Privacy Policy

San-M Package Co.,Ltd. ( will refer to San-M Package Co.,Ltd. as ”we” or “our”) acknoledges the importance of the protection of personal information, and complies with the Act on the Protedction Information, and works hard to preserve and use your personal information in a just manner.

1.Protection of Personal Information and Security Control Measures

  1. We will abide by the laws and regulations, such as the Personal Information Protection Law.
  2. We will appoint a supervisor of the Personal Information Audit, enforce the audit on Personal Information protection, and improve the internal system and its management. In case we provide subcontractor(s) with Personal Data within the scope of Personal Information uses, we shall execute an agreement with the subcontractor(s) on the maintenance of confidentiality and Personal Information, prohibit any other usage than the ones described in this policy, supervise such contractors, and require them to take security control measures, if necessary.
  3. We will implement the internal rules, including the one regarding Personal Information, and then clarify and instruct its employees regarding the guidelines of Personal Information protection through education and training, among other measures.
  4. We clearly recognizes the management risks, such as unauthorized access, leakage, loss and corruption of Personal Data held by the Company, and shall take any necessary organizational, personnel, physical and technological security control measures.
  5. We are continuously improving this Privacy Policy, its internal rules regarding Personal Data protection and its management in accordance with the amendments in laws and regulations, changes in social situations, and audit results.

2.Collection of Private Information

We do attain your private information appropiately.

3.Purposes of The Use of Private Information

We use your personal information for the folloing purposes.

  1. Providing/ introducing our services and products
  2. Contacting and answering our custmers
  3. Contacting for the employment

4.For the provision of personal information to third parties

We do not provide oesonal information to third parties prior ro obtaning the owner’s consent except,

  1. When the one’s consent is agreed
  2. When disclosure or provision is required by laws or regulations
  3. When disclosure is required to protect human life, health or property where obtaining the individual’s consent is difficult

5.Disclosure, Revision and Deletion of Personal Information

When requested to edit or add/ erase information by the owner of the information, we will do necessary research and revisions in an acceptable boundary.
We may take measures to ensure that the requester is in fact the owner of the information.

6.Constant Improvement

We may change this privacy policy in cases of need in a constatnt effort to survillel and improve the treatment of your persoanl information.

7.Contact Us

To express your opinions, questions, or concerns etc. regarding our use of your personal information, please contact us by the following

San-M Package Co.,Ltd.
〒428-0009 1086-1 Ojiro, Shimada-City, Shizuoka

8.Request to Customers

We are, for the safety of your personal information in other websites that are linked from this site, you will not be able to bear the responsibility. By the customers themsleves, to examine the contens of such handling standards of personal information in the website other than our, it is recommended to check the safety of your own personal information protection.


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