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Challenge & Frontier 世界品質 Challenging the frontier of non-woven material to create innovative products.

San-M Package is the worlds largest mask manufacturing facility.

Always at the frontier in research and development as a non-woven fabric manufacturer, our fabrics are utilized in medicine, industry and in the home. We began creating processes to unleash the potential of this material back in 1968, when it was still quite new. Later, we became the first in the world to introduce ultrasonic welding, developing original patching machinery.We have continued to develop leading-edge processes to improve our products.These efforts are the reason we are known as a pioneer in the field of non-woven fabrics. Our continuous quest for high quality makes us a world-leading non-woven fabric disposable mask manufacturer. We are advancing into an age of new challenges and new frontiers. Even as we move ahead, we shall continue to look at the world through our customer’s eyes and remain firmly devoted to our goal of developing ever-better, made-to-order products

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